Join us for a fascinating week with
Professor Antal Fekete
Renowned mathematician and monetary scientist.

Sometimes called the "Einstein of Money" Professor Antal Fekete will explain what he means by an ‘unadulterated gold standard’, how today’s fiat only monetary system is destroying both savings and jobs, and the role of gold as numéraire and the ultimate extinguisher of all debts. This is a unique opportunity to hear a world authority present an alternative view about what makes money ‘sound’, and how ‘unsound ‘ money is pushing us to the very brink of disaster once again, based on history.

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Monday 15 November to Friday 19 November 2010
Business School of the University of Auckland
Owen G Glenn Building
12 Grafton Road
Auckland City

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For attendance to only selected lectures during the week of the Symposium:
NZ$115 (Irrespective of when registration and payment are received.)

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In this man of extraordinary courage, penetrating inquiry, integrity, humanity, and common sense come together in a way that is all too rare in the world of economics and money matters. A deep thinker, Professor Fekete’s message is delivered with much clarity, simplicity and wit.

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This is a great opportunity to hear Professor Fekete speak directly on what constitutes the key differences between Sound and Unsound Money. Each of the ten lectures will last one hour and will be followed by a question and answers period lasting up to one hour. There will be one lecture per morning, starting at 9.30am, and one lecture per afternoon, starting at 2pm.

Professor Fekete has also recently launched the School of New Austrian Economics, based in Budapest, Hungary. The School will be giving four courses of two weeks or 20 lectures each.

The first course, given in August, was entitled ‘Disorder and Coordination in Economics’ and covered Carl Menger’s two axioms on which Austrian Economics is based, touched on other Mengerian concepts like the forces behind the formation of the asked price and the bid price, and introduced some of the Professor’s own theories on money and credit. The next two week course of the School will be in March 2011, in Hungary.

Rudy Fritsch (Canada), Sandeep Jaitly (U.K.) and Peter Van Coppenolle (Belgium) will assist Professor Fekete with the lectures at this Symposium On Sound Money in Auckland, New Zealand..

Each lecture will be followed by complimentary tea, coffee and refreshments, before the Q&A session starts. Your booking will also include a complimentary copy of lecture notes to take away.

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There are many hotels close by including The Langham, The Corpthorne and The Hyatt.

The university also has accommodation that is available from the Tuesday (with certainly) 16th November at NZ$65 per night. Each room has a single bed (no double beds) and the bathrooms are shared.

There is a chance that there will be rooms earlier (i.e. the weekend prior to the Symposium and the Monday 15th November), however the university will not be able to confirm this until very close to the date as students are still using the facilities (the academic year ends just before the Symposium starts). If you are interested in what the university has available, then please go here for more details and bookings: http://www.accommodation.auckland.ac.nz

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